Historica. History and Related Sciences Review

ISSN 1803-7550 (Print)
ISSN 2695-060X (Online)
Publisher: University of Ostrava, Dvořákova 7, 701 03 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Scientific character and Mission of the Journal

The Historica – History and Related Sciences Review is an anonymously peer-reviewed academic periodical published biannually with the support of the Department of history of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava. The focus of the journal consists in the publication of original authorial texts, with a primary focus on historical issues, without any further chronological or thematic restriction. The journal aims to primarily publish texts which straddle the boundaries of individual academic disciplines, e.g. history and sociology, history and economics, history and demography, history and art/cultural history, history and ecology, history and ethnology, etc. The journal also aims to inform the Czech readership of developments in both Czech and international research.

The journal is divided into these sections: Studies; we intend to publish irregularly a section Horizons (overviews of research results on the resolution of topical issues of historical science at home and abroad), further Literature (for reviews and literature reports) and Chronicle.

Naturally, the language of the journal is Czech however we also accept texts in Slovak and English.

Issue schedule


Over time, we have irregularly published issues focused on a particular topic.

Call for papers

We accept all submissions continuously. The texts of articles for the first issue of the year must be sent by 15 December of the previous year; the deadline for the second issue is 15 May of the relevant year.


Czech, Slovak and English.


The journal is indexed in Scopus, Directory of Open Access Journals, CEHSJ, EBSCO Publishing and ERIH PLUS databases.

All studies are provided with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).


All issues are archived in printed form in the Czech National Library and other libraries in the Czech Republic and abroad and on the internal server systems of the University of Ostrava.

Updated: 15. 05. 2023